Workplace Protections For DC Medical Marijuana Patients Extended Under Emergency Bill | Marijuana Moment

  • With a Washington, D.C. law protecting local government employees against workplace discrimination due to their use of medical marijuana set to expire next month, lawmakers passed emergency legislation on Tuesday that temporarily extends the policy.
  • The resolution notes the the current medical marijuana workplace protections approved last year are set to expire on June 5 and no permanent legislation is in place because the work on the permanent legislation was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic response.
  • Under the emergency bill, a public employer may not refuse to hire, terminate from employment, penalize, fail to promote, or otherwise take adverse employment action against an individual based upon the individual’s status as a qualifying patient unless the individual used, possessed, or was impaired by marijuana at the individual’s place of employment or during the hours of employment.
  • A Food and Drug Administration (FDA) letter warning a company about its marketing of injectable CBD products has led to a voluntary recall that the federal agency announced on Wednesday.
  • As in the past, Bryan emphasized that tax revenue from legal cannabis sales would create much-needed funding for the territory’s retirement system for government employees.
  • Louisiana lawmakers advanced three marijuana reform bills on Wednesday, and that includes legislation that would dramatically expand the state’s medical cannabis program and offer protections for banks that service marijuana businesses.

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