A Hidden Origin Story of the CBD Craze

  • A ragtag crew of activists, doctors, writers and marijuana farmers met to discuss the potential of CBD in 2011 at Samantha Miller’s home.
  • Mr. Laughter and Lawrence Ringo, an old-school hippie grower, were some of the first Americans to intentionally cultivate plants higher in CBD than in THC the compound that does get you high.
  • Ms. Miller spent the months after this meeting leading hundreds of CBD seminars for farmers; Dr. Kerr began informal patient surveys to track how CBD made people feel; and as he finished his book, Mr. Lee often traveled around with Mr. Laughter and Mr. Ringo’s high-CBD plants and seeds, spreading the gospel at pot shops across the West.
  • A man named Carlton Turner helped establish the government’s Marijuana Research Project at the University of Mississippi.
  • (Mr. Turner even tested several kinds of cannabis sent by a legendary pot grower, a writer for High Times named Mel Frank.
  • Then, looking for a better quality product, they contacted GW Pharmaceuticals the British company that had licensed the cannabis collection of those globe-trotting 20th century cannabis collectors, Mr. Watson and Mr. Clarke, and which conducted the research in the ’90s that spurred Mr. Gardner’s CBD advocacy.

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