Cannalogix Foundation: medical cannabis super conductor

  • What transpired, exceeded expectations and today, the Awaken America Events and Phyto Conference brands educate and empower patients, providers and global leaders on the benefits of hemp and cannabis for food, fuel, fibre, medicine, energy, textiles and emerging technologies, so the emerging industries can fully evolve to their highest potential.
  • CWI utilises data collected from patients and specialty trained providers to co-develop leading edge courses and educational programmes to compliment bleeding edge technologies, empowering healthcare and research professionals to make a positive difference.
  • CWI develops agronomy curriculum around a variety of subject matters ranging from soil amendments and propagation to planting, harvesting and manufacturing as well as production, distribution and supply chain management in an effort to empower a diverse syllabi and curriculum capable of educating and empowering the next generation.
  • CWI is developing a matrix of courses developed around; unified standards, data collection, healthcare, pharmaceutical, phytopharmaceutical, chemical, agricultural, agronomy, energy, insurance, finance, and law with a focus on the vertical integration of hemp, cannabis and Cannabaceae related subject matters.
  • CIFR is incubating the HHN network of providers and organisations into a global wellness solution providing patients all-inclusive access to alternative, holistic and conventional care – under a unified consortium, providing single-source access to dedicated providers and organisations.
  • Today, GreenWave manages a network of licensed producers, suppliers and certified laboratories distributing and delivering quality, standardised and certified hemp products, biomass and various other manufactured goods into a supply chain built on consistency, accountability and transparency.

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