Transparency Is Fundamental In The CBD Space With Marshall Getto (Podcast Transcript)

  • Freed had a big space at the conference, it turns out right across from the Seeking Alpha booth, so we were able to see firsthand people’s interest in CBD and hear Marshall tout the benefits of his clean products.
  • We talk to him today about the challenges in the THC, CBD and vaping markets, the passing of the Farm Bill and SAFE Banking Act and best-practices for branding and packaging.
  • To be sure, this has had a lot to do with confusing regulations – for instance, just last week, the FDA sent a warning letter to 15 companies for violations, including marketing unapproved new human and animal drugs, selling CBD products as dietary supplements, and adding CBD to human and animal foods.
  • While none of the 15 firms were big players in the space, it still speaks to the confusing CBD marketplace and how much work there is still be done to get consumers, regulators and companies all on the same page.
  • Well, you know, this year is a year we’re rolling out a brand that we’ve been working on about a year, really longer conceptualizing, because you know, we want to come to this expo, and a couple of others this year and next year to introduce ourself, more broadly to some of the people in the market and show them we are going to be long good-term partners and good actors in this industry.

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