The conflicted El Monte City Council steps closer to cannabis legalization

  • In a series of contentious recent meetings, the El Monte City Council moved closer to allowing recreational cannabis shops, manufacturers and cultivators within the city.
  • The city’s latest move was spurred by two ballot initiatives from cannabis proponents who collected more than 5,200 verified signatures for each initiative, exceeding the 3,998 required to bring newly proposed laws to the City Council.
  • Under state law, any new tax measures must be voted on directly by residents, but the City Council can choose which ballot to place it on.
  • With the other initiative, which would legalize recreational cannabis shops and production facilities in the city, the City Council has two options: It could directly enact the proposed law during its next meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 3, or the initiative could head to voters alongside the tax measure.
  • By holding the first reading before Thanksgiving, Quintero said the city has more options when the council makes its decision on Tuesday.

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