Hemp may be lost cause and not a lifeline for family farms

  • Erica McBride-Stark, executive director of the National Hemp Association, won’t dismiss McKay’s daunting predictions and says the goals of organizations like hers won’t be accomplished without hard work coordinated between growers, processors and brands.
  • Such dynamics mean many farmers’ dreams may not be realized in the short term, but McBride-Stark says getting enough farmers into the business early was always part of the plan.
  • Fiber and seed oil are different business propositions where scale has more advantage, McBride-Stark admits, but she believes the small farms that she’s talking about are producing for the CBD market, where quality eclipses economies of scale.
  • McKay says hops farmers like him could step in and put those investments to bear in a way that would put much of the current hemp farming operations out of business.

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