CBD Melbourne: Spin when you’re winning

  • Great usually – but overdue actually, according to some 300 Liberals and Nationals and staff in Canberra who limped into the Prime Minister’s courtyard in Parliament House on Wednesday night for the annual Coalition Christmas Party.
  • It’s been a long haul since Scott Morrison’s team pulled off a miracle in the federal election, returning the Coalition to power in Canberra, and the bulk of the Liberal and Nats team to their old offices to do the whole political term thing all over again.
  • Our correspondents in the room suggested it was, in fact, an homage and certainly not ridicule.” We’re winning so much you’ll be sick of it by next year,” Morrison apparently told the crowd.
  • To recap, investors and directors in The Natural Grocery Company included Shark Tank panelist Glen Richards , Healthia director Paul Wilson and Bernie Brookes .
  • It included welcome drinks for the new director on Tuesday evening, and earlier during the day, a heart-to-heart with Victorian MPs.

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