What Ganja Yoga Taught Me About Cannabis and the Questionable Benefits of CBD

  • [The Yoga Alliance] counts the Ganja Yoga teacher training as a real continuing education, meaning you don’t become a yoga teacher after taking the training, but we can use the credits towards your teacher training.
  • Intrigued, I decided to take a class in New York City, if only to possibly traverse my mind, body, and soul back to that beach in Negril.
  • After my first successful ganja yoga class, I sought the opportunity to visit Kaya, the first medicinal Ganja Herb House in the Caribbean during SPF Weekend at their annual I-Rise event held by Solid Agency, to educate myself on strains, dosage, and methods.
  • A first time user might want to start with a much lower dose of THC between 8-11%, which is the lower practices from the early 80s,” and this is true.

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