Judge Rules Oregon Vineyard Can Sue Neighboring Cannabis Business

  • A federal judge has ruled that an Oregon vineyard has established the legal authority to sue a neighboring cannabis growing operation.
  • In the ruling, U.S. Senior District Judge Anna Brown found that Momzati Vineyard’s allegation that the proximity of the marijuana cultivation business had caused a ” concrete financial loss” and the lawsuit for violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO) could continue.
  • A motion from the defendants, Mary and Steven Wagner and their son Richard, to dismiss the suit because the Yamhill County vineyard’s claims of lost grape sales, reduced grape marketability, and reduced property rental income weren’t concrete financial losses caused by a RICO violation was denied by Brown with the 20-page ruling.
  • In a case against a cannabis grower in Lebanon, Oregon, a federal judge ruled that an alleged drop in plaintiff’s property values wasn’t considered a ” compensable property injury” under RICO and dismissed the lawsuit.

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