Inside The New Brandless Marketplace And The Decision To Launch With CBD

  • For the launch of its new Marketplace strategy, which includes a harder focus on self-care and wellness routines, the retailer will be partnering with Plant People , a direct-to-consumer CBD maker known for its commitment to sustainability and quality.
  • Here’s how Brandless is refocusing to become a one-stop shop for a wellness-led lifestyle, and aiming to become a leader in quality CBD.
  • Now it’s clear: The vast majority of our customers choose Brandless for sustainably made wellness, self-care and home products.
  • For example, we’ve seen that customers are looking for products that improve their wellness routines.
  • Furthermore, because Brandless is focused on becoming a one-stop shop for any and all sustainably-sourced products that support a wellness-focused lifestyle, CBD wellness logically follows: We aim to become the #1 destination for CBD wellness products.

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