CBD Melbourne: Pain stations in the Nationals

  • Robert Holmes a Court’s supposed 20-minute silence during a tense negotiation in the 1980s with the then Elders IXL boss John Elliott helped cement the late West Australian billionaire’s reputation as the king of the long pause.
  • Twitter followers might say his social-media activity indicates O’Connor is keeping one eye on the wheel, with the union leader retweeting posts on the Coalition’s proposed pensioner bonus, Premier League’s Manchester United and soul great Otis Redding .
  • Now the Australian Securities and Investments Commission is pursuing the company over claims it repeatedly misled the share market – once it was able to track down Macdonald to serve the company with court documents.
  • He may as well take that to the bank now, because we suspect things are only about to get more unpleasant for Macdonald.

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