How to Start a Cannabis Business On a Budget

  • The founders: The creation of Roxanne Dennant and Brian Cona, Fruit Slabs are basically like middle-¬≠school-style fruit leathers: chewy, ultrahealthy kosher snacks infused with 100 milligrams of THC and made from 100 percent USDA-certified organic ingredients.
  • Their origin story: Dennant was working in the denim world, and her longtime friend Cona was in cultivation; the duo were dabbling with consuming edibles but disappointed that they couldn’t find products that fit their healthy lifestyle.
  • Since founding the company in 2015, Dennant and Cona have continued the same bootstrapping strategy, without taking any outside investment money.
  • Fruit Slabs’ organic ingredients make it more expensive than most edibles — and therefore more expensive to sell, even wholesale.
  • ” Whether you’re working with a license partner, a distribution partner, a packaging partner, or a co-manufacturing partner,” she says, ” really learning what that partnership is going to bring you in the beginning, and getting term sheets written, setting deadlines for the people and not just the vendor you’re working with
  • ” Our mission is to heal and connect people and the planet through the power of plants,” says¬†Gabe Kennedy, who started the company with Hudson Gaines-Ross.

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